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Article Written: September 19, 2018



quirkydo clients ask us about this subject all the time, why is my hair so thin? or why am i losing my hair?



There are countless reasons why someone should start losing their hair or their hair becomes thinner than it used to be, hair loss is usually a symptom of something, take care of your health take care of your hair. 



quirkydo’s opinion is most hair loss issues are related to the diet in some way.



To really restore hair its an inside out job, you have to eat differently and you have to avoid certain things, Fat soluble vitamins are essential, Vitamins A,D,E,& K are all essential for your hair.



Foods you would get these essential fatty acids from would be things like advacados, coconuts, healthy grass fed animal products.



Trace minerals are also vital for the hair to grow, trace minerals are hard to get from food alone,  you would need to take a high quality supplement.



One thing that destroys the hair is high levels of insulin so eat healthy and avoid sugar! 



To see more go to quirkydo hair care tips.



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