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Christmas Hair Colours

Article Written: October 26, 2018

Christmas Hair Colours – The Quirky and Not So Quirky.


Christmas is the season for a new hair colour.


But,  what is your festive colour?


Is it your usual hair colour or do you go for a glitzy tone that makes your hair sparkle with yuletide spirit?


What do your expert quirkydo stylists think?


Steph suggests red!  Why not be brave? Why not go a seasonal red this Christmas?

Bex says, if you are blond try a quirkydo glampoo?


Glampooing is a shampooing technique that gives you a choice of colours. It has one big advantage over a permanent colour, it washes out after a short period of time.


Do you have darker hair?  Bex thinks Christmas is the time to change your usual colour and instead try a different tone. Think about having a semi-permeant colour.


Semi-permeant colours will last around 8-10 washes, just long enough for Christmas or the New Year.


Before you decide on your Christmas hair colour at quirkydo, why not ask Bex, Steph or Emily about colours that will give your hair a festive surprise.

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