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Let quirkydo Glampoo you!

Article Written: November 2, 2018
Let quirkydo Glampoo You!
At times we need to show the world our fun, even quirky side.
When it comes to hair colour, we’ve all had thoughts about experimenting with a more fun, bubbly or look at me colour.
We take a deep breath. Then that voice in our head says: “will it be right for work” or “what will my friends think?” So we play very safe.
quirkydo has the answer!
A quirkydo Glampoo.
The advantage? You can show off your new glampoo colour for a special occasion, a night out or a Christmas party but it will be gone after 1-2 washes.
So there will be no surprises at work! At quirkydo we have a range of glampoo colours just waiting for you to try!
If you want a fun shampoo, let us glampoo you.
Starting from £15

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