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Topical with Tropical – Living Coral the Colour for ‘19

Article Written: January 18, 2019

Think of coral, and warm clear tropical waters come to mind. Yet, the topical chatter in the hair care industry is not about beautifully coloured fish frolicking amongst coral reefs. Instead, it’s Living Coral, the predicted “in” colour for 2019 that’s set tongues wagging.

Who is predicting Living Coral will be the “in” colour for ’19? Don’t think the prediction is salon gossip. It’s much more scientific! Bex has been tracking Pantone, who have cutting edge expertise when it comes to monitoring global trends in colours and, importantly, predicting the shade of the year.

For ’19, Pantone have announced that Living Coral is the colour everyone will be talking about. quirkydo have been quick off the mark. Bex and Steph have already been busy mixing and experimenting with colours to create Living Coral, just for you.

Living Coral’s vibrancy, bursts with a “life-affirming coral hue” matched with golden undertones.

quirkydo’s Steph, says “the colour is more ‘edgy’ than pink or rose-coloured hair; yet, “it’s golden hints should suit all eye colours and give a softness to all skin tones.” Bex thinks Living Coral, “does not need to be intense at all, because subtle hues can tone the colour down. What’s more, as Living Coral fades, hints of other beautiful shades mature.” As for Bex and Steph’s predictions? Both think Living Coral may well be the “in demand” colour for 2019.

Bex and Steph would love to guide you through all the Living Coral tones and craft a colour that suits your eyes, your skin and your personality. So, let quirkydo, get you ahead of the crowd in ’19.

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