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quirkydo Argan Enriched Shampoo. The Key to Healthy Hair and Scalp.

Article Written: February 1, 2019

The craze for argan oil will just not go away. It seems people cannot get enough of this “liquid gold” from Morocco. Whether it’s for health, body or hair care argan oil is in high demand.

If you have not yet used argan oil for your hair or want an alternative to the high street brands, why not test our own quirkydo shampoo enriched with argan oil?

Bex and Steph at quirkydo, have found it adds zest to dry, tangled and fly away hair. Oil extracted from the argan nut is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory chemicals and beneficial fatty acids.

What does all this mean for your hair health?

Not only does argan oil give lift and life to your hair, it also gives you the extra benefit of restoring and maintaining a healthy scalp.

For both healthy hair and a scalp cleanse, why not use our Argan Enriched Shampoo and follow Steph’s wash and cleanse hair hack? 

First, take a small amount of Argan Enriched Shampoo, wash hair thoroughly to remove dirt, hair products, etc. by massaging the shampoo from root to tip, then rinse:

Repeat, but, for this second wash work the shampoo into the scalp with fingers to give it a deep cleanse before again rinsing.

Steph says we “forget about the scalp when washing our hair. Yet, cleansing the scalp with the right shampoo is key to healthy hair.”

quirkydo Argan Enriched Shampoo is available for £9.00 both in our salon or by visiting the online shop.

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