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quirkydo introduces Age Defying and Anti- “Brassy” Colours From L’anza

Article Written: March 1, 2019

Hair, like skin, changes its texture with age. Little wonder that 50% of the population has 50% grey hair by the age of 50: it’s the 50-50-50 rule.

At quirkydo we are proud to work alongside Lanza Healing Haircare who’ve now launched a new Ultra Natural and Natural Ash range of colours. 

Enter L’anza’s Ultra Natural range.

The Ultra Natural range offers optimum full grey coverage. It helps those of us with a hint of grey to break the 50-50-50 rule!

How does the Ultra Natural range work?

Some grey hair is resistant to colour. To beat grey resistance, L’anza have formulated double pigment colours to give full grey coverage in just one step.

Not limiting themselves to helping us cover grey hair, L’anza now offer their Natural Ash range.

Some quirkydo clients say their hair colour is too warm or yellow. The Natural Ash range balances blue and violet tones to control warmth and “brassiness,” offering a more natural and cooler look.

quirkydo are always seeking out new haircare products that match the specific needs of our clients. If you need to cover grey or cool warm, brassy, colour ask us about L’anza’s Ultra Natural and Natural Ash range.

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