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Scrummi Towels – quirkydo doing its environmental bit.

Article Written: March 29, 2019

We all want to do our bit for the environment. At quirkydo, we are working on reducing our use of water, energy and toxic chemicals. In fact, we are seriously looking at everything possible to reduce quirkydo’s environmental impact.  That’s why we use Scrummi disposable towels.

We thought about the cost on the environment of the water, energy, washing powder and detergent to wash the many cotton towels quirkydo would use in a week. Really thinking about this opened our eyes!

We searched for an alternative to cotton towels and discovered Scrummi hairdressing towels. You’ve probably seen and used them in our salon?

You might think that the impact of disposable towels would be higher than traditional cotton towels, this is not the case.

We did our research to find the best environmentally friendly alternative to cotton towels. 

Our research informed us: –

Scrummi towels are 100% natural, and made from wood harvested from sustainable forests in central Europe;

the water used in their manufacture is filtered and recycled;

rail and ship transportation reduce, where possible, Scrummi’s carbon footprint;

the towels are delivered by DPD – who have a carbon neutral commitment; and,

once used the towels are 100% biodegradable within 8-12 weeks.

It sounds unbelievable, but Scrummi claim the energy used in the whole lifecycle of one towel (including manufacture) is less than that used by a washing machine to clean one cotton hairdressing towel!

We think Scrummi towels not only help quirkydo achieve its environmental aims, but also benefits our clients. We have found Scrummi towels to be: – 

super absorbent, and are more efficient for drying hair than cotton towels;

more hygienic to use, our clients know their hair is being dried with a new disposable towel, and not a reusable cotton one;

unlikely to trigger allergies – we no longer use washing powder and detergents that may cause allergies.

Using Scrummi towels is just our first step! If you have ideas to help quirkydo reduce its environmental impact, please do share them on your next visit.

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