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Steph’s Hack: The 3 Step Scalp Cleanse

Article Written: March 26, 2019

From childhood we have been told to “wash our hair.” As adults washing our hair has become an unthinking habit. Be honest. Do any of us really think about how we wash our hair?

quirkydo’s Steph tells us to, “break this habit, now!”

The foundation for thick, silky and look at me hair, is to not wash your hair on one set day every week!

Instead introduce on that day the new habit of the weekly scalp cleanse.

Healthy hair must have a healthy scalp to grow.

Washing just our hair fails to deep cleanse the skin of our scalp. Cleansing our scalp: –

removes toxins, flaking and dead skin;

removes dirt from hair follicles; 

reduce scalp inflammation, and;

banish the appearance of dull unhealthy hair.

For Steph, using a scalp cleansing regime, just once a week, is a must.

Steph has a simple 3 Step hack for cleansing our scalp.

1. Using shampoo, wash your hair thoroughly from root to tip, while showering, then rinse. Some experts, recommend clarifying shampoos, take care using one if you have a colour -they can strip hair colour. An exception is quirkydo’s Clarifying Shampoo, it has been designed not to strip hair colour.

2. Again shampoo, for a second time. Use your fingertips, to massage your scalp. Gently, move your fingers all over your scalp in a circular motion and rinse again. If you are feeling brave, rinse with cool water. Cool water helps to improve the circulation of your scalp and loosens flaking and dead skin cells.

3. It is important to condition your hair after cleansing your scalp. Apply your conditioner, to the ends your hair, then rinse. This will help bring life and shine back to your hair. 

Why not follow this simple 3 Step hack. Maybe, even make it your new weekly haircare habit and see the difference it makes!

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