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Article Written: April 12, 2019

People without any training, whatsoever, can open a hair salon. They can pass themselves off as a hair stylist, or barber, and start snipping, styling and colouring your hair.

Like you, we think this sounds scary!

Think about it.

How do you know for certain that the person cutting, styling or colouring your hair has the necessary skills and required qualifications?

By coming to our salon, you can relax in total confidence.

quirkydo is registered with the Hair Council.

A 1964 Act of Parliament allows trained hairdressers to become State Registered, just like doctors and nurses, through the Hair Council.

quirkydo believe in having the highest standards, that’s why we fully support, and love, the aims of the Hair Council and their UK Register of Qualified Hairdressers.

Look on the wall of our salon. Bex proudly hangs her Hair Council State Registered Senior Hairdresser certificate. 

If you are thinking of changing the hair salon you visit, then come to quirkydo. You’ll know you’re in the hands of registered, qualified and highly trained stylists.

Now, isn’t that good to know?

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