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Easter Eggs -A Sugary Shock to Our Hair

Article Written: April 19, 2019

Be honest, Easter is one of those times when we cannot help ourselves from having our fix of chocolate eggs.

Few of us will limit ourselves to the recommended 3oz of dark “healthy” chocolate containing 70% cocoa. Instead we’ll munch away on the lush sugary sweetness of milk chocolate eggs.

Now, we don’t want to be killjoys. We at quirkydo enjoy our chocolate just like you. But, have you ever thought about how the sugar in chocolate impacts on our hair?

Healthy hair is achieved by what we put into our bodies and not just what we put on our hair! Diet is a key to achieving healthy hair.

Is sugar good for our hair?

The quick simple answer is NO.

Sugar can adversely impact on hair growth. Too much sugar has been shown to have a negative effect on both our scalp and hair. In particular, added and artificial sugars are the major culprits, leaving us with thinning hair. 

Excessive sugar disrupts the chemicals inside our bodies and especially those which encourage hair growth.

Remember, healthy hair starts with what we eat.

So, maybe after Easter give your body a rest from sugar, and even think about how you can reduce your daily intake of sugar. The benefit? A healthier head of hair and a healthier you.

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