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Steph’s Bleached Hair Hacks

Article Written: May 10, 2019

It’s no secret. Bleaching can lead to hair damage. Yet, quirkydo says, seek advice from your salon, then if bleaching makes you and your hair feel great do it!

However, to minimise damage, care for your bleached hair. It must stay healthy and hydrated to be in tip-top condition.

Why does bleaching cause damage?

Damage is the result of applying powerful chemicals like peroxide and ammonia on our hair.

Steph at quirkydo says, bleaching chemicals removes colour through oxidation. This means bleaching removes pigment from hair.

Ammonia also raises the outer cuticle of hair. This allows lightening bleaching agents to penetrate hair and do its job. However, repeated bleaching can raise cuticle scales permanently. This leads to quick and continued moisture loss.

There is more!

Damage from bleaching agents, can cause brittle and dry hair that is prone to breakage and split ends.

So, what can you do to keep your bleached hair healthy and in fantastic condition?

Here are Steph’s 4 hair hacks.

Firstly, always have your hair bleached by a professional. A professional has the expertise and skills to bleach your hair with its welfare in mind. A professional can advise on hair condition, the best cut and the best maintenance regime. Remember, home bleaching kits should be treated with real care.

Secondly, you might read that damage is linked to the amount of colour change. This is not always true. At quirkydo we are trained in the Lanza method. This uses a weaker peroxide formula which is kinder to your hair.

Thirdly, don’t use a shampoo which is harsh or strips your hair. Always use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturises. This will help prevent brittle and dry hair.

Fourthly, don’t brush hair whist it is wet, as this can cause more damage. Dry off your hair before brushing. Each strand will have a more solid structure, which has the potential to reduce breakage.

Finally, use a product with heat protection before blow drying and/or straightening bleached hair. This is because, bleached hair is vulnerable to both chemical processes (for example colouring) and non-chemical processes, such as applying heat to your hair.

Follow Steph’s four hacks and your bleached hair will be healthy and always at its best.

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