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Balancing Hairstyles, Face Shapes and Glasses

Article Written: May 17, 2019

In 2016, 69% of the UK population wore glasses. That’s millions of people!

In all honesty, the exact number may never be known. Many wear glasses all the time. Some slide them on when reading or driving. While others prefer contact lens. We wear glasses or contact lenses for diverse reasons.

If we add prescription sunglasses it then becomes mind-boggling. At this time of the year, people appear to wear sunglasses more than prescription glasses.

The point is, those of us who wear glasses do so in different, creative and fashion-conscious ways.

Gone are the limited range of heavy prescription frames and lenses like the bottoms of milk bottles. There has never been more choice in the style of frames, colours and types of lens.

Choosing glasses frames can be tricky. They can totally change our appearance – sometimes not for the better.

Frames must match the shape and features of our face. Of course, glasses exist to correct vision, but frames are a fashion item and statement.

When we think about hairstyles that complement our frames, we need to think very carefully. 

We have to be aware of balancing: the frames we usually wear, our face shape and features and hairstyle.

Phew! It can become complex.

This is why it is important to work with your stylist, who can assist you to create a lovely harmony between your face, frames and hair.

Based on our expertise and research, here is quirkydo’s quick guide for those of us who wear glasses and demand a hairstyle that gives balance. We focus the guide on three popular styles of frames. 

Large Frames: These frames cover the whole eye area from the top of the cheek to the eyebrows. They can be the most dominant feature of the wearer’s face.

A good choice of hairstyle for large frames is a long, layered cut with the sides having extra volume. This style will give balance between your hair, face and frame.

Wide Frames: These frames extend beyond the outer corner of the eye and tend to be narrow in height. They can create a horizontal line across the face.

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