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Get Creative with quirkydo Pomade

Article Written: August 2, 2019

Pomade. What’s in a name? Pomade comes from the French word pommade or ointment. Of course, when we use pomade, we’re not styling our hair with an ointment!  Rather, it is a styling product with a decades old history. Yet, there is nothing traditional about pomade. Like most hair products, it has evolved with the […]

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quirkydo’s Men’s Guide to Combing and Brushing

Article Written: July 26, 2019

Once upon a time, men had little option but to use hair care tools designed for women. Not anymore. Look on the internet and men are spoilt for choice when it comes to hair brushes and combs designed just for them. The increase in the range of brushes and combs for men can be linked […]

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The Most Perfect Ponytail

Article Written: June 14, 2019

Soon the Wimbledon Championship will be on our TVs and all over the press. The lawned tennis courts will be the stage on which the finest female tennis players compete. And many of them will have lovely bouncy ponytails. We may think ponytails are just for sport, the gym or our bad hair days. Think […]

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Taking Care of You – Skin Tests at quirkydo

Article Written: May 24, 2019

When visiting quirkydo for your first colour, we must carry out a skin test 48 hours before your appointment. We appreciate this simple, painless, test can seem like an unnecessary chore. Many clients glumly ask us why they need this test? Our answer is not glum at all. quirkydo really cares about your health and […]

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Steph’s Bleached Hair Hacks

Article Written: May 10, 2019

It’s no secret. Bleaching can lead to hair damage. Yet, quirkydo says, seek advice from your salon, then if bleaching makes you and your hair feel great do it! However, to minimise damage, care for your bleached hair. It must stay healthy and hydrated to be in tip-top condition. Why does bleaching cause damage? Damage […]

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Protect Hair & Enjoy Summer with quirkydo Protein Spray

Article Written: April 26, 2019

It’s been a lovely spring. Lots of bright blue sky and sun. Although, it’s been a little chilly at times. Lets cross our fingers for a fantastic summer. While there can be nothing better than a warm sunny day for putting a spring into our step, the sun can also cause problems to our hair. […]

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Become a quirkydo VIP for those Extra-Special Treats

Article Written: February 22, 2019

Here at quirkydo we really do appreciate our loyal clients. Whether you visit our salon or shop with us online, Bex invites you to join quirkydo’s VIP Facebook Group, so we can reward your loyalty. As from 2019, all quirkydo offers will be available solely to our VIPs and we really do want to reward […]

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quirkydo Clarifying Shampoo – Perfect for Your January Hair Detox

Article Written: January 4, 2019

Christmas and the New Year can cause havoc with our hair. We hit January and our bodies and minds are all “partied out.” While we promise ourselves to eat and drink less, it’s easy to forget about our hair. Yet, hair needs care, to stay fit and healthy. Of course, we want to look our […]

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quirkydo Helping You Achieve Hair Health – The Benefits of Argan Oil

Article Written: October 19, 2018

  Previously, we mentioned the benefits of Argan Oil for hair health. quirkydo has now completed our Argan oil research. Our research will help you to harness hair care products containing this sought after oil and achieve the soft, manageable and shiny hair you’ve always wanted. First, a warning. There is little scientific evidence that […]

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