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quirkydo Clarifying Shampoo – Perfect for Your January Hair Detox

Article Written: January 4, 2019

Christmas and the New Year can cause havoc with our hair. We hit January and our bodies and minds are all “partied out.” While we promise ourselves to eat and drink less, it’s easy to forget about our hair. Yet, hair needs care, to stay fit and healthy. Of course, we want to look our […]

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Appointments and Shopping at quirkydo

Article Written: December 21, 2018

Appointments and Shopping at quirkydo are Just a Click Away. Here at quirkydo we want you to feel calm and relaxed when visiting our salon. You may leave relaxed, but quickly the pressures of everyday life start to build. Why not let quirkydo take a little bit of this pressure off you? It’s all part […]

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Give Shine to Your Hair with quirkydo Shine Spray

Article Written: December 7, 2018

We’ve all done it.  We’ve looked in the mirror and with complete horror seen that our hair lacks lustre and shine.   Can quirkydo turn your horror into joyous delight? Of course, we can!   The answer? Try our quirkydo Shine Spray.   Shine spray is a hair product that makes hair shine OK, that […]

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quirkydo Helping You Achieve Hair Health – The Benefits of Argan Oil

Article Written: October 19, 2018

  Previously, we mentioned the benefits of Argan Oil for hair health. quirkydo has now completed our Argan oil research. Our research will help you to harness hair care products containing this sought after oil and achieve the soft, manageable and shiny hair you’ve always wanted. First, a warning. There is little scientific evidence that […]

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The correct quirkydo haircare

Article Written: September 5, 2018

  quirkydo clients ask, what can they do to prevent dull lifeless hair ?   Want to know the answer? It’s simple.   Healthy hair is the result of correct hair care.   Proper hair care and the right hair care products will soon restore the radiant nature of your hair.   quirkydo believe that […]

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Tame your locks in the heatwave

Article Written: June 28, 2018

Wowzers! I don’t know about heatwave but what about hairwave?   What can you do to tame your locks in this weather?   Well quirkydo has a few suggestions for you.  Using the correct haircare can make all the difference.   For protection from the sun we use quirkydo protein spray. It contains uv protection and will […]

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