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Balancing Hairstyles, Face Shapes and Glasses

Article Written: May 17, 2019

In 2016, 69% of the UK population wore glasses. That’s millions of people! In all honesty, the exact number may never be known. Many wear glasses all the time. Some slide them on when reading or driving. While others prefer contact lens. We wear glasses or contact lenses for diverse reasons. If we add prescription […]

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Topical with Tropical – Living Coral the Colour for ‘19

Article Written: January 18, 2019

Think of coral, and warm clear tropical waters come to mind. Yet, the topical chatter in the hair care industry is not about beautifully coloured fish frolicking amongst coral reefs. Instead, it’s Living Coral, the predicted “in” colour for 2019 that’s set tongues wagging. Who is predicting Living Coral will be the “in” colour for […]

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Blackberry – The Colour for Autumn.

Article Written: November 19, 2018

Pictures of Steph’s new hair colour on Facebook has inspired many quirkdo clients to change their own colour.   So what colour is popular?   Blackberry has taken quirkydo clients by storm.   It is a sultry deep purple tone, that has gone viral.   We think that it’s rich darkness complements the mood of […]

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Let quirkydo Glampoo you!

Article Written: November 2, 2018

Let quirkydo Glampoo You!   At times we need to show the world our fun, even quirky side.   When it comes to hair colour, we’ve all had thoughts about experimenting with a more fun, bubbly or look at me colour.   We take a deep breath. Then that voice in our head says: “will […]

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Christmas Hair Colours

Article Written: October 26, 2018

Christmas Hair Colours – The Quirky and Not So Quirky.   Christmas is the season for a new hair colour.   But,  what is your festive colour?   Is it your usual hair colour or do you go for a glitzy tone that makes your hair sparkle with yuletide spirit?   What do your expert […]

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