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From Scrummi Towel to Yummy Veg

Article Written: June 22, 2019

You all know, that quirkydo are working hard to be one of the leading salons in caring for our planet. Okay, we are still learning. We will make mistakes, but we’ll also get a lot right.

Our mantra is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Let’s talk recycling. Over the past months we’ve been making progress on our recycling. Take our use, reuse and recycling of Scrummi disposable and biodegradable towels.

Scrummi towels helps quirkydo reduce our environmental footprint. We use a fresh Scrummi towel for drying our client’s wet hair. We save on both energy and water because we have no cotton towels to wash. We’ve even got a certificate from Scrummi to prove it!

However, we now go further than just using Scrummi towels. We are recycling them.

How? Do we throw out these used towels? No. First, we reuse them to keep the floor of our salon spill-free, clean, and hygienic. Then, we recycle them.

We take all the towels home and use them as compost on Bex’s vegetable patch!

Scrummi towels are 100% biodegradable and compostable. So, in 8-12 weeks they will be compost and helping Bex to grow fresh vegetables for her Keto diet recipes.

So, recycling Scrummi towels will give us yummy vegetables.

Now, what’s not to like about this.

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