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Get Creative with quirkydo Pomade

Article Written: August 2, 2019

Pomade. What’s in a name?

Pomade comes from the French word pommade or ointment.

Of course, when we use pomade, we’re not styling our hair with an ointment! 

Rather, it is a styling product with a decades old history. Yet, there is nothing traditional about pomade. Like most hair products, it has evolved with the times.

Modern pomade is usually a water-based styling product that washes out easily. It defines and holds hair as-well-as offering flexible textures.

Unlike gel, it does not give a hard or “crunchy” feel. Instead, pomade gives hair a more natural and authentic look.

It works styling wonders for both women and men.

Pomade is ideal for all hair types. Use it and let your inner creativity run free. 

Simply apply different amounts to craft slick-backed, messy, shiny, spiked or styled hair. Have some quirky fun. Just experiment.

At quirkydo, we love using our own brand pomade to create the widest choice of looks for our clients. In our experience, we’ve discovered that pomade works best with shorter hair.

Do you want to get creative with your hair?

If yes, set your styling creativity free with quirkydo Pomade.

Our pomade is easy and mess free to apply. It comes in a distinctive purple and charcoal pot. And, like all our range of products, it has not been tested on animals.

You can buy quirkydo Pomade from our salon for £9.00.

If you visit our salon, we’ll even give you some creative pomade tips with your first purchase.

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