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We Love Animals – No Testing at quirkydo

Article Written: July 2, 2019

Using animals to test hair products seems like something from the dark ages. Yet, it still happens even in the twenty-first century. It’s horrible, but true.

Companies might not test hair products on animals in their “home” country. Yet, it is known these products are sometimes sent to China for testing on animals.

In fact, testing is mandatory for products sold in China.

Sometimes, you need to be a detective to investigate which hair care products are not tested on animals.

We can spend an absolute age slowly walking along supermarket shelves as we read an endless number of product labels before making our choice.

Here at quirkydo we audit all that we do to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This increases our environmental awareness and, just as importantly, makes us more ethical.

Therefore, all our clients can rest assured that none of quirkydo’s product range are tested on animals.

quirkydo will check, and check again, to ensure that we keep moving forward and act ethically when it comes to hair care and animal welfare.

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