quirkydo Red Shampoo


quirkydo Red shampoo

Sodium chloride free shampoo.

Designed to enhance or to increase the deep rich tones of red hair – natural or treated. Can help decrease the coppery glow, and help radiate a more subtle and deeper richness. Containing exceptionally high levels of deep red colourant, over time the depth and richness of your reds will be built up and enhanced. As with all similar products, professional advice and strict

adherence to the instructions cannot be over emphasised.

Wearing single use colour protective gloves, apply sparingly to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.
Not for eyebrows or lashes. The colourant may stain. Avoid all bare skin and eyes. If contact is made, rinse immediately, removing contact lenses.
May cause allergic reaction – test a small patch behind the ear, leaving on the skin for 48 hours. If any reaction occurs (blotching, ithcyness, swelling, redness etc) do not use.
Do not use if your client has had a previous colour reaction, damaged scalp, sensitive skin. Not for children. Keep out of childrens reach

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quirkydo Red Shampoo


For red coloured or natural red hair 


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