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Balancing Hairstyles, Face Shapes and Glasses

Article Written: May 17, 2019

In 2016, 69% of the UK population wore glasses. That’s millions of people! In all honesty, the exact number may never be known. Many wear glasses all the time. Some slide them on when reading or driving. While others prefer contact lens. We wear glasses or contact lenses for diverse reasons. If we add prescription […]

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Steph’s Bleached Hair Hacks

Article Written: May 10, 2019

It’s no secret. Bleaching can lead to hair damage. Yet, quirkydo says, seek advice from your salon, then if bleaching makes you and your hair feel great do it! However, to minimise damage, care for your bleached hair. It must stay healthy and hydrated to be in tip-top condition. Why does bleaching cause damage? Damage […]

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Keto – The Hot Topic at quirkydo

Article Written: May 3, 2019

Hair salons are all about making you look good, having a relaxing experience and good conversation. Here at quirkydo, the hot topic of conversation is the Keto diet. quirkydo’s Bex has been following a low carb ketogenic diet to lose weight. It has also had the benefit of relieving the results of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): […]

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Protect Hair & Enjoy Summer with quirkydo Protein Spray

Article Written: April 26, 2019

It’s been a lovely spring. Lots of bright blue sky and sun. Although, it’s been a little chilly at times. Lets cross our fingers for a fantastic summer. While there can be nothing better than a warm sunny day for putting a spring into our step, the sun can also cause problems to our hair. […]

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Easter Eggs -A Sugary Shock to Our Hair

Article Written: April 19, 2019

Be honest, Easter is one of those times when we cannot help ourselves from having our fix of chocolate eggs. Few of us will limit ourselves to the recommended 3oz of dark “healthy” chocolate containing 70% cocoa. Instead we’ll munch away on the lush sugary sweetness of milk chocolate eggs. Now, we don’t want to […]

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quirkydo Just Loves the Hair Council

Article Written: April 12, 2019

People without any training, whatsoever, can open a hair salon. They can pass themselves off as a hair stylist, or barber, and start snipping, styling and colouring your hair. Like you, we think this sounds scary! Think about it. How do you know for certain that the person cutting, styling or colouring your hair has […]

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Scrummi Towels – quirkydo doing its environmental bit.

Article Written: March 29, 2019

We all want to do our bit for the environment. At quirkydo, we are working on reducing our use of water, energy and toxic chemicals. In fact, we are seriously looking at everything possible to reduce quirkydo’s environmental impact.  That’s why we use Scrummi disposable towels. We thought about the cost on the environment of […]

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Steph’s Hack: The 3 Step Scalp Cleanse

Article Written: March 26, 2019

From childhood we have been told to “wash our hair.” As adults washing our hair has become an unthinking habit. Be honest. Do any of us really think about how we wash our hair? quirkydo’s Steph tells us to, “break this habit, now!” The foundation for thick, silky and look at me hair, is to […]

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quirkydo Offers a Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift

Article Written: March 15, 2019

Sunday March 31st is Mother’s Day and quirkydo have a wonderful surprise present for your Mum! If you buy two full-size quirkydo products (shampoo, conditioner or styling product) as a Mother’s Day gift, you’ll also receive a free fragrant quirkydo candle. It’s an offer that just cannot be missed, and quirkydo’s thankyou to all Mothers. […]

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