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Article Written: June 13, 2020

 We realise you are all eager to get your appointments booked back in, the reason we haven’t started booking yet is because the 4th of July is not set in stone and if the government decides to do a U turn like they have with some schools then it would mean re-booking everyone over again so please bare with us, we expect to start contacting people the week beg 22nd June (this could change depending on guidelines)

In the mean time here is a brief overview of what we have been up to whilst in lockdown.

A more detailed version will be available very soon, along with our policies and procedures.

What to expect when you visit us       

 We have put lots of safety measures in place to help protect you our guest and our team. You are kindly asked to comply with our health and safety  measures during your time with us.

 Please be aware it may be difficult to get an appointment at first due to high demand and the number of people waiting to be re-booked (we have over 100 people to re-book) (If you would like an appointment and didn’t have one booked in before lockdown you can add yourself to our waiting list by replying to this email and sending us an email to quirkydo@quirkydo.co.uk we will add you to the list)  

Some services are no longer financially viable for us to carry out and some services may be temporarily or permanently unavailable due the new guidelines and new working conditions. We will be working at a 50% reduced capacity. 

What we have done

  • Extended opening hours from Monday to Sunday for the first 4 weeks


  • Allocated time slots to each day


  • Turned our back room into a styling area 


  • Staggered appointment slots


  • Ordered extra disposable towels and gowns


  • Installed hand sanitiser dispensers 


  • Stocked up on PPE


  • Installed zoom as a consultation tool


  • Re-evaluated the business to ensure the future of quirkydo


  • Reinvented our service menu which includes our new prices 


Added a £3 safety charge to all appointments (this will go away when restrictions are relaxed)  

We hope our new plan works for you, We can’t wait to see you but not hug you. 

Stay Safe and Take Care 

Bex, Steph & Roisin  

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