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quirkydo’s Men’s Guide to Combing and Brushing

Article Written: July 26, 2019

Once upon a time, men had little option but to use hair care tools designed for women. Not anymore. Look on the internet and men are spoilt for choice when it comes to hair brushes and combs designed just for them.

The increase in the range of brushes and combs for men can be linked directly to the growth in male grooming practices.

We have seen this growth at quirkydo, with our increasing band of loyal male clients

The choice of hair care tools for men is mind-boggling. Before diving in and buying a comb or brush there are two basic questions that must be answered.

When should a man comb his hair and when should he use a brush?

Knowing when to comb and brush is important because when it comes to hair care each serves a different purpose.

Here is quirkydo’s men’s guide for combing and brushing hair.

A comb is universal. It can be used on any type of hair. Remember always comb your hair after washing it.

A comb will move the natural conditioning oils of the scalp throughout the hair. 

Use a comb to free your hair of tangles. Comb from the tips to the base to ease out tangles. 

For styling hair use a comb to divide hair (such as a parting) or teasing. If using hair styling products, a comb is brilliant for spreading the product evenly throughout the hair.

Brushing the hair is usually performed after combing. Brushing will both clean and moisturise the hair. But, do not use a brush on wet hair. 

Hair brushes are not suitable for all types of hair. Brushing with the wrong brush can damage curly or wavy hair.

Finally, brushes are great for shaping hair when using a hairdryer to blow dry your hair.

There you have it, quirkydo’s basic comb and brush guide for men.

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