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Taking Care of You – Skin Tests at quirkydo

Article Written: May 24, 2019

When visiting quirkydo for your first colour, we must carry out a skin test 48 hours before your appointment.

We appreciate this simple, painless, test can seem like an unnecessary chore.

Many clients glumly ask us why they need this test?

Our answer is not glum at all.

quirkydo really cares about your health and we want you to have a relaxing, risk-free, time with us.

By carrying out our quick skin test (a small amount of colour is placed behind the ear) we want you to avoid a hypersensitive reaction.

It is not known why this reaction occurs in some people and not others. One in twenty-five people have an allergic reaction to tints and semi-permanent colours. So, our skin test can reassure you that having a colour will do you no harm at all.

Why do a few people, get an allergic hypersensitive reaction? A reaction happens because the immune system, the body’s defence mechanism against foreign substances, can mistake a harmless substance and over-react. These over-reactions can cause discomfort, damage and very rarely be fatal.

By offering the protection of a skin test, nasty reactions can be avoided. Allowing you to settle back to enjoy the calm of a quirkydo colour experience.

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