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What is Hypnotherapy and How Does it Work?

Article Written: November 24, 2020

‘What is hypnotherapy?’ This is a question asked by many; those who are interested in using it as a therapy and those who have not even thought of using it. It has become a popular treatment because it is holistic and calming, helping some to get results without the use of medication. 

Hypnotherapy is the use of the subconscious mind to bring about positive change in a person. It involves relaxation and what is called suggestions to re-wire the mind and allow the person to think differently. 

Do you remember a time when you have been sitting, looking out of the window and daydreaming, maybe about a fantastic holiday or winning the lottery? The body during this time is in a relaxed state and because of this, the brain can solve problems and think more clearly. When under hypnosis, you will have this same feeling and the imagery will be guided by the hypnotherapist. Once in that relaxed state, the hypnotherapist will talk to you about your issue or goals in a positive, reassuring or problem solving way and because the brain is in that relaxed state of mind, it is more likely to take on these ways of thinking. 

I always say to clients that they will just feel like they have had a nice relaxing time and at the same time, hopefully some changes will have been made in the brain. One client has described this feeling as ‘A massage but without the touch’.

What hypnotherapy isn’t.

There are many myths about hypnotherapy which often put people off or make them sceptical about the treatment, however most of these are not true. 

  1. Hypnotherapy does not cause you to be out of control and the hypnotherapist cannot make you cluck like a chicken. 
  2. You cannot get stuck in a trance – some people think that once they are in hypnosis, they can get stuck. This is not true; you can open your eyes at any point throughout the treatment if you wish. 
  3. The hypnotherapist will not make you reveal things about your life under hypnosis that you do not reveal – this is a therapeutic experience and therefore the hypnotherapist will allow you to reveal things in your own time. If there is something you want to keep close to your heart, that is your choice.
  4. The hypnotherapist will click their fingers and you will be asleep – This is not the case. Part of the hypnosis process is helping you relax but this is done through what is called a body scan where you release tension in the body as well as some guided imagery of beautiful places. 

Who am I?

I am Alison Ralph, and I am a Macclesfield based hypnotherapist. I help people to become a better and happier version of themselves through the power of hypnotherapy. I see people both face to face and online. I have a particular interest in the area of anxiety treatment through hypnotherapy because I have struggled with anxiety of my own related to my job in the past. I know that these strategies work and can help you to feel your normal self again. I have helped many people to date, and I am also currently studying to be a counsellor, so I can combine the two therapies when helping my clients. I also help people with weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias and depression. 

Hypno-gastric band. 

I recently trained in the treatment of the Hypno-gastric band which helps the client to eat less, healthily and change their lifestyle so they can lose weight. It is a positive way to lose weight using the mindset, not telling you what you should and should not be eating! I am passionate about this treatment because I have seen the affects of it myself, losing just over a stone now! The work with the subconscious mind causes you to feel full for longer and eat smaller portions of food. 

Contact me.

I hope this has given you an insight of what hypnotherapy is but if you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy or would like to book a session with myself please visit www.alisonralph-therapy.co.uk or call: 07719032346. I am just around the corner from your favourite hairdressers quirkydo, based at Lagom lashes and beauty on Fallibroome road. 

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