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Article Written: June 18, 2020

Firstly, we would like to thank you for all the messages over the last few months. Your support and kindness has been amazing!

As you may or may not know we have been squirrelling away in the background making plans as to how we can re-open and make quirkydo stand the test of time and be the successful quirky business we dreamt it would be. Many of you have followed the  quirkydo journey over the last 9 years, yep you read that correctly, how did that happen!

We will be celebrating our birthday in the week we hope to open.

Lockdown has given us the chance and time to re-evaluate quirkydo as a business.

We are looking at very different timings, outgoings and operating costs than when we were forced to close our doors on 23rd March, therefore we have had no choice but to raise prices across the board, we offer a new service menu and price guide  which is now available on our website under quirkydo service menu.

It’s a little quirky so we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Below is a more detailed version as promised of what to expect when you visit us

The not so quirky bits 

Please be aware it may be difficult to get an appointment at first due to high demand and the number of people waiting to be re-booked (please see our appointments update to see how we are re-booking and booking appointments. 

As mentioned in the last update some services are no longer financially viable for us to carry out and some services may be temporarily or permanently unavailable due to new guidelines and new working conditions. We will be working at a 50% reduced capacity.

  • No Dry Cuts
  • No Shampoo & sets
  • No Children (for now) 
  • No Weekly blow drys (temporary)
  • No Perms (temporary)


If you are ill or live with someone who is ill or is displaying any corona virus symptoms (please see NHS website for guidance on symptoms) we would ask that you stay at home and rebook your appointment for a later date when your symptoms have gone away.

There will not be a charge for cancelled appointments due to you being unwell.


We have put lots of safety measures in place to help protect you our guest and our  team. You are kindly asked to comply with our health and safety measures during your time with us to make things run as smoothly as possible.

We have added a £3 PPE safety charge to every appointment (This will eventually be removed once restrictions are relaxed)


We are limited to the number of people we can have in the salon so we ask that you please call txt or email to make your appointment and come to your appointment alone with no children please.


Please arrive on time for your appointment as there will be no waiting area due to  space restrictions, if you are early please could we ask that you wait in your car and we will call you to advise you when it is safe to enter the salon, if you are on foot you will be asked to wait outside until we call you in. 

As you arrive you will be asked to wash or sanitise your hands and pop on a mask. you will see us wearing ours as we work too. 


We will be providing bottled water for your comfort, coffee and tea and other refreshments are off the menu for the time being but we hope this will change very soon! as restrictions are lifted.


Will be taken whilst you are in the chair for your convenience and to limit congestion at the reception area. Cash will be accepted but card is preferred.

 The quirky bits

 What we have done :-  

Extended our opening days from Monday to Sunday for the first 4 weeks to enable us to get as many of you back in as possible in the safest possible way. (We will not be opening any late nights during this period).

Allocated time slots to each day to enable us to fit as many guests back in in the fairest, safest possible way.

Colour guests:  We have allocated all colour guests with a 2.5hr colour slot  initially, so we can get as many guests back in the safest and fairest way possible.In this time frame we will aim to get you looking like you again, we are aware there  may be some colour corrections and some quirky home do’s so you may need to come back for further colour sessions to enable us to get you back on track. 

Bex and Steph will be cutting and colouring and Roisin will be blow drying and styling. We hope this works for you.

Turned our back room into a styling area for your comfort and to enable us all to observe social distancing guidelines. (In which case the facilities will be for emergencies only).


We are staggering appointments to enable social distancing.


We already use disposable towels as you know and we started using disposable gowns before lockdown and will continue to do so.


Installed hand sanitising dispensers.


Stocked up on PPE (Personal protective equipment) for our guests and our team.  


Introduced zoom as a consultation tool. (you may have to bare with us with this as we are all technophobe’s).


Reinvented our service menu which includes our new prices. (We can’t wait! to share this with you we had so much fun creating it).


We will not bore you with our already vigilant cleaning regime but we have booked 15 minuets between each appointment to enable full sanitation of the salon and equipment and a breather for us to remove our masks. 

I am sure I have missed things from the list please feel free to email me with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible during your time with us, we can’t wait to see you all again soon. 

We will review this information every 4 weeks.  

Stay Safe and Take Care 

Bex, Steph & Roisin  


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